Blogging my way

I have this problem--well it's not really a problem. It's more an attribute: that I wear a few hats. While I indulge myself on this blog as a way to log -- blog -- about stuff I do and whatever else takes my fancy -- I still suffer from thematic divide.>>

I should blog with the intention to fulfil a niche focus rather than for my own entertainment. I may blog about multimedia stuff from a left perspectives, and share good stuff--and I guess that 'my niche market' --but you'll have to forgive me if I keep my powder dry and don't tell all.

So that's my proviso about this blog: you get what I give.

That said, I've been busy. I've been working on some more locality blogs for the Socialist Alliance -- designed so that members of the SA branches can control their content on the national web site. You know, "think globally/blog locally"

You can access these site from the Socialist Alliance national web page. If you like, it's an exercise in access and democracy.

I think it works very well indeed although there is this skills gap at some of the local levels that we're trying to bridge. With the new Blogger format, blogging just got a lot easier --although the cross over for old timers like myself --what with moving all our chattels across was frought with challenges. But for sweat.

When we get this off pat I think we'll be offering quite a unique web interface especially for a political party. I'd like to foster the Alliance more keenly into a proactive Web 2.0 condition -- but that's going to take a bit of huffing and puffing and mentoring and experimenting and such.

But the first task is BLOGGING 101.

I'll be part of an all in GreenLeft Bloggers project to be launched, touch wood, soon. We spent last year in "beta" mode. Now we're getting ready for Mark II.

But here's something to consider: Blogging is a state of mind. I don't mean it's a post modernist discourse for tweaking individual reality. Rather it's a medium with its own messaging attributes so that you have to learn to get a handle on them. It's different from journalism, letter writing, email composition ...and is closer to audio, I think, in its projected levels of intimacy and interface. It's closer to dinner table discourse.

My failing-- call it an eccentricity -- perhaps is that I prefer to blog long when there's this unrelenting pressure in the blogosphere toward short sharp bursts. If you want your content in short sharp bursts of babble -- there's plenty venues out there for it. I'm afraid I'm too arrogantly didactic for that and my bloging is closer to Anais Nin's diary
Anaïs Nin is perhaps most famous as a diarist. Her diaries, which span several decades, are fascinating for many reasons. Nin was acquainted, often quite intimately, with a number of prominent authors, artists, and psychoanalysts, among other famous figures. Her diaries portray these persons in an unusual depth of analysis and frankness of description. Moreover, as a female author describing a primarily masculine constellation of celebrities, Nin's diaries have acquired importance as a counterbalancing perspective.[Source]
Nin made a habit of rewritting great wads of her diaries to ensure she came out in a good light and when she fell out with someone, she'd go back and re-composure their portrait in her pages. or edit them out completely.

Nin was a good Stalinist, I guess, in that way -- something akin to Greta Garbo's character in Ninotchka discussing the Moscow Trials:"There will be better, but fewer communists."

There's Samuel Pepys diaries too. Now there's someone who would have made a great blogger. His diaries are, as we speak, being blogged -- 330 years after they were written! Check out the story so far here. You can skip the parts where he explains the massive pain of passing a kidney stone.

Come to think of it, you are indeed lucky I don't take after Pepys, otherwise I'd be sharing with you my sexual activities and bowel habits. But then there is a joke can be changed to fit:
Q: Why don't Australian men believe in foreplay during sex?
Ans(i): They are in a hurry to get down to the pub and tell their mates about it.
Ans (ii): They are in a hurry to get to a computer and blog about it.