Cannery Creek Keepers

I'm sure there's a few in my acquaintance who consider my passions a bit overboard. What can I say? I'm a empiricist making do the best way I know how. Among these fillips of mine is the use of the web as a interactive organisational tool -- very real Web 2.0'ish

For over two years I've been hoping to do some ecological type interventions in regard to my local creek. That's not skinny dipping but preservation. It occurred to me yesterday that I can lead into this with a web presence. "Voila! ," I thought.>>

I live among 500 plus homes, surrounded by factories(such as the Golden Circle Cannery), major arterial roads, and bound by the Brisbane airport and a railway line. It's all very urban.

But our local creek -- now a tidal drain -- is a tributary to the complex ecology of the Boondal Wetlands -- so with its direct access to the main outlet to Moreton Bay, its water run off and environmental role is significant. And it happens that everyday I take my dog for a walk along its banks.

But the rubbish that washes down the creek! And the toxic dumping! And the neglect!... Nonetheless this creek is a major corridor for snakes, water dragons, and many species of birds (although the native vegetation is very suppressed and displaced along its banks). It is also the major open space in our locality. And further on downstream...what gets washed down the creek mixes with the fish, turtles and dugong of Moreton Bay.

So my first step in saving the creek (after major flood mitigation has just been completed) is to create for it its own blog. And this blog will be my excuse to explore any and all web tools in the watercourses defence and preservation.

So check out Cannery Creek Keepers. No limits. The web will be Cannery Creek's oyster.