Engin Eyebeam for recording audio

I'm hope to switch over from analogue to digital phone system by taking on a VoIP system like Engin . I haven't got the box yet but for a trial I purchased the Engin Eyebeam program for $9.50 -- calls included. The sound quality is quite good and the interface is in the computer screen-- but , best of all, for journalistic purposes, it offers one click mp3 recording. Since computer interfaces for audio are so easily hands free this is a worthy way to collect quote grabs for newspaper articles or audio, perhaps, for podcasting.>>

Eyebeam is also an great way to explore VoIP without shelling out the larger money. In my experience, it leaves other VoIP systems -- like Skype -- way behind. I always had trouble with Skype. But with Eyebeam -- not one hassle has descended upon me. I was amazed at its performance.

[I've been using GoggleTalk too -- not bad. Not bad at all: GTalk to GTalk]

I get my own phone number --07 31391752 -- so that the world can ring my computer. And I can top up my call account any time with $AUD10 here and there. Calls are free Engin to Engin.

My only hesitation is that when I am recording audio I want to be able to see the dial log the progress as that's the only way you can be sure you are recording. With Eyebeam the recording is out of sight so you don't know if it is working: there's no dB meter, no digits marking off the seconds... It relies on trust! So I guess I'll have to learn to trust my Eyebeam ...