Eyebeam + Engin = VoIP

This is the Eyebeam Softphone.The image is about the size the softphone is. It's not a standalone item of hardware but a computer program you can download for free. I got mine from Engin. And Engin and Eyebeam run on VoIP technology. I don't know a brass razoo about Voice Over Internet Protocol tech stuff but I do know my Eyebeam works a treat. I activated it so that I could explore the possibility of getting one of the Engin boxes to sit next to my modem. But the quality I get with Eyebeam inside running is enough to make me think, why bother? I got it good already.
The only draw back is that I have to put on my earphones and turn on my mic to call or take em. But there are such things as VoIP handsets which plug into your usb port. Dick Smith sells one for $80 (pictured left) and I gather I can use it for Google Talk too (or Skype --but I don't bother with Skype anymore). So since my landline phone rental is big dollars every month and I have a pc always on and connected to broadband...you see my thinking?

But the other plus is that this Eyebeam works very well indeed and I'm unlikely to get a better reception if I moved over to the boxes. So I've been exploring Eyebeam's bells and whistles -- its easy RECORD function, SIX lines in, user friendly contact list and call reporting panel.

And at the moment I'm trying to work out how far I can push Eyebeam as an element in conferencing.

If you want to trial Eyebeam you can pick up a starter pack at Dick Smith's or Harvey Norman as I did for $9.80 (with pre paid calls)or download the software from Engin.