Indigenous struggle: what next?

Rohan Gaiswinkler asks:" Could Socialist Alliance initiate a protest against DPP Leanne Clare calling for her immediate sacking?"

I reply: >>

Well there''s a lot of fallout due because of this and right along Clare's sacking has been a demand since she handed down her decision. But it also asked for Beattie to be sacked So do we campaign for that too?

Check out petition here for the demands...

But now the key element has to shift, I think, to getting Lex Wotton off and the other three jailed for the 2004 Palm Island 'riot' released.

But then more generally the key focus now is the February 14th gathering in Sydney for T.J.Hickey...and this wil be the next in a line of commemorations throughout the year, especially that for the 1967 referenda.

BUT the other main concern is to secure a conviction and the police union will work relentlessly for a mistrial if they think they can get one because of public community accusations against Hurley. This is a curly question, of course and it will be difficult to play dumb.

Similarly police and Indigenous relations are at a major flashpoint as Arukun proves. Thats' sure to blow up again -- no matter what the cops do or the police union --they are going to be seen as enemies and violent occupiers in Indigenous communities --such that many Indigenous police liaison officers are going to be put under a lot of pressure.

So where should the focus now be put?

On Hickey I think but with the sense for the new political dynamic that has opened up -- the new indigenous political renaissance that Sam spoke about: here in transcript and here in audio.

Yesterday was a very important day here in that regard as it logged a major coalescence among older activists and a new layer drawn from across state borders. This is a very significant development and Brisbane Murris led by Sam Watson, Lionel Fogarty, Rev Alex Gator et al have been crucial to it.

But Brisbane is the political hot spot without doubt.

You'll note that in this campaign Jackie Jackie Indigenous spokespeople have been sidelined. There is this divide that has opened up in the community as a radical and very political wing re-asserts itself confidently and boldly.

Nonetheless it also must be seen relative to the general state of all movements for social change in this country.They're a bit quiet of late -- since Howard's re-election and the failure of the IR mobes to break out of the ACTU/ALP straight jacket.

So a lot is happening in this context that we need to be aware of. This is real motion and absolute commitment to Indigenous rights.

And while I appreciate the suggestion about an action -- the SA role in this is as a valued partner and partner's don't do stuff unless they consult with one another. That's the modus operandi.