Indonesian Left takes a major step towards unity

Slideshow:The PRD, the initiating organisation of the recent Papernas Congress issued the following basic data on the outcome of the recent Papernas congress. Below is a slideshow of photographs taken at the conference by PAPERNAS. >>

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"Amidst the violent threat and repressive situation, the foundation congress of Indonesian united party, now officially called PAPERNAS (National Liberation Party of Unity), finally accomplished yesterday, 20th January 2007 at 13 PM in Kaliurang Yogjakarta. We decided to shorten the congress and discussed only the most important topics such as party principle; statue, and national leadership, some other topics such as party program and strategy tactic will be decided by the elected Central Leadership Board (DPP) of PAPERNAS since all the participants from 19 regions already had parallel discussion and made various recommendations. The elected General Chairperson was Agus Jabo Priyono (also the general secretary of PRD) , and the national secretary was Haris Sitorus (also the General Secretary's 2nd Deputy of PRD). Congress also decided three persons which were Dominggus Octavianus (the former chairperson of Preparatory Committee of PAPERNAS and the chairperson of FNPBI); Marlo Sitompul (the general chairperson of Urban Poor People Union/SRMK); and Wiwik Wijanarko (Organisation Dept of National Peasant Union/STN), to work together with the elected general chairperson and national secretary to elect the executive committee of the PAPERNAS.

The congress were participated by 320 full participants, 50 organizing committee, 5 foreign observers, and 3 domestic observers."

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