Instant noodle inventor dies

I have blogged before on the august topic of instant noodles. We learn today that this particular grain format had an inventor: >>>
Instant noodle inventor dies

The inventor of instant noodles, Momofuku Ando, has died in Japan at the age of 96. He started his company, Nissin Food Products, in a garden shed in Osaka almost half a century ago.It has grown into an industry worth more than $US4 billion a year.For the Japanese, the instant noodle is not just a quick and easy snack - it is a cultural icon.In one survey it was voted the country's most important invention of the 20th century, ahead of karaoke and the Sony Walkman.

And so it should be. A life without noodles is a life only half lived... So you gotta go to the Noodle Son site and wallow in the info and the reviews and even Instant Noddles 101.

Then consider that the many Asian students that study here in Australia have been fueled on this one item; and it is through their patronage that so many different varieties are now available -- even in supermarkets.

As a registered noodle snob I don't like eating my noodles out and about as so many of the 'speciality' noodle cafes offer such poor fare. Of course you cannot match the noddle texture they offer at home unless you have a specially hot gas burner but for flavour and ingredients you can beat them chopsticks down.

So be inventive -- never serve your instant noodles plain. Add stuff. And remember
Momofuku Ando each time you participate in the the exercise.