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On my blog over the past few months I have been exploring various GTD techniques. GTD is an acronym for Getting Things Done. You may remember that Lenin wrote a famous pamphlet in like mode called What Is To Be Done?. >>

That's a joke: huh (sort of) -- but Lenin was a great GTDer . Consider what (for good or ill)he wrote about Taylorism.

But the point is that such methodologies are very interesting -- and, I suggest, very useful -- to activism and activity because primarily I think these methods are very relevant to dialectical thinking.

As James P.Cannon astutely wrote: "The art of politics is deciding what to do next."

This is where "mind mapping" and "concept mapping" kicks in because these techniques lend themselves to a spatial representation that IS NON LINEAL. By that I mean not a simple and crude Cause and Effect.

Anyway I'm interested in this because I suffer cognitive problems -- aphasia, memory loss, dyslexia, etc -- as a feature of my illness. Exploring this larger philosophical quotient may seem an indulgence, the methods are so simple that anyone can apply them to any task filled existence...and besides with so many computer programs now available to facilitate 'mind mapping' I am annoyed that new age-ist executives are actively harnessing techniques with out deference since they belong in the philosophical tradition of Marx and Hegel'.
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