Mind mapping a talk

Yahderdah yahderdah...back to a perennial theme: I have this problem with arranging my thoughts at times of physiological woe and much appreciate any assistance I can get. I have trouble writing notes as my 'condition' makes the fine pen work cumbersome to do -- such that they are almost indecipherable. So today I had to give a report on the new political renaissance in the indigenous movement in the wake of the Invasion Day protests here. So I says to myself that this is a job forFREE MIND. >>

And this is the resulting mind map. Click image to enlarge your view:

It worked a treat. It is easy to follow a train of thought by climbing trees virtually and negotiating a hierarchy mentally . However, these idea maps are easy to read on the web or the program window but try shooting that down to an A4 print out when the map is so wide and still be able to read it after it is fitted on the printed page!

So you have to squish it up a tad and orchestrate your print out in sections -- left side on one page, right side on another. I should have taped them together. So I guess I need to check the FAQ to see how to do this without defaulting to miniscule mapping.

With mind maps, size does matter.

But this we learn: for talks an presentations, mind mapping and mind mapping software like FREE MIND work a treat. I sent off emails to a few of my comrades and gave them the map url squashed down at TinyUrl

and said "this is the talk I will report."