My journey through folksonomy

I've been exploring a few of the tagging regimes such as and the like for some time but now that I'm on New Blogger with its powerful labels I really don't feel the urge to tag all this stuff primarily because once I've tagged the stuff I can't remember where parts of it are. It may be all jimdandy for sharing links but I don't do much of that that way. In reality I tag for my own reference.>>

So I shifted back to using bookmarks on my browser Firefox. I have found these a bit cumbersome too as you have to work your way through so many folders which open all over you open web pages.

So I grabbed myself Foxmarks --an add on for Firefox. While Foxmarks is primarily a bookmark synchroniser so that you can share your bookmarks between computers but as well as that you can access you bookmarks anywhere. A nice little panel opens on the page margin and all your bookmarks are displayed. So easy!

So rather than to go into Firefox to view all via the "Manage Bookmarks" option -- you can do it on the web anywhere.

So why use these other sites...? Sharing I guess. To promote your own sites/blogs.... I'm sure there's a role like an bibliography to a book you publish. But I'm keen now to keep most of my 'tagging' like that in the Blogger house and to foxmark instead.

All I have to do is hack soem of my blogs so that I can easily display all my Blogger labels at the momnet I'm working on a cumbersome setup to do that as I'm not completely NEW Blogger. Stick with me, I'll get that right.