Roundtuit versus brain fog and idea mapping

I am very slow on the uptake today. The mind fog -- the "fibro" fog -- is overpowering and I cannot master my thoughts. So I drift through a few mindless tasks like deleting old files. What could be more fatuous than deleting 2.75 GB of old stuff --- file... by... file.... >>

All that I ask is that whatever I do is worthwhile in some small measure so this day won't be a total waste. So as not to be uneconomical with what little reserves I have, I blog. But in getting this far I've forgotten what I intended to impart.

But it was something to do with Getting things Done and how my methodology in that regard -- which today is running in idle mode -- does work.. at least at other times but not today.

It does. It works. It pilots moi.

So I live my life at the beck and call of lists. And these many lists format my existence so that if you were to ask me what needs to be done, I could tell you straight off in terms of ergonomic space.

Whether I was actually proceeding to do what was required by dint of these parameters would be another question. Nonetheless I am not a roundtuit person.(Pictured above).

And to prove my verve in that regard here is my most recent RRN 'idea' map. I may not be up to mind mapping today but at least I know where to start when I get a roundtuit.Click on the image to see it writ large:
Next time, I'll work out how to upload these maps so that they are interactive.