Ted Riethmuller's images of Invasion Day

Below is a selection from Ted Riethmuller's gallery of images on the Indigenous struggle which not only enriches the coverage in Green Left Weekly but I hope, it is a thoroughly important archive of images of the struggle which partners the audio I have published of events and interviews on LeftCast. >>

It's only when this stuff accumulates do you realize the full extent of its utility and inspiration. And Ted's images are not a panache of niceties in a sort of stereotypical demo day out. The reach out and touch the passion and anguish that has marked this campaign. They also map out for others who weren't there the wonderful and strong community that is at the heart of this struggle.

'Tis a pity all our activism isn't logged as effectively and as inspirationally as this.

You'll note that Ted not only captures marchers, platform speakers and the like but he has a wonderful eye for the telling vignette -- the many faces in the crowd who are at the heart of why we gathered. He also captures the other elements in the mix and makes a point of photographing the arm of the state by recording 'the police presence' with the sort of bully boy blue line that cops take on during these events.

So make sure you tour the gallery this is the sort of committed photojournalism we seldom get exposed to.

Andrew Boe

Photographs by Ted Riethmuller. More here>