A year before the mast on the good ship Web 2.0

The gems I've found that are very webby two point o'ish. I guess we could call this a list: my best of the Web 2.0.>>>
  • Wallnote:"Less is more," says Alex Griffioen who developed Wallnote,"We don't do features. Keeping things clean and simple is what makes us the best." You get pristine stuff: a web based to do list or the same for your desktop. 'Tis my very favourite widget. It's free too...
  • Google Reader: I guess I went through five RSS/atom readers over the past year. I hate to say it (and I especially hate saying that to the folk at Blogbridge)but Google reins supreme. The most recent release is so easy to use and format, subscribe to feeds and unsubscribe -- and your links open up INSIDE your browser reader interface. If you haven't opened yourself up to the magical world of RSS start with Google Reader.
  • GMail:Google's business strategy is so brutal and encompassing that I hate to defer to it. Once you have a Google account this octopus want to ensure your every need is fulfilled within their adsense advertising reach. But GMail leaves other email programs for dead. It is the best and keeps getting better. I was looking forward to signing up and when finally the option was mine, I grabbed my emailer niche as quick as I could...and I've never looked back.
  • Mozilla Firefox:Maybe Firefox doesn't strictly belong in such a list as this but it is, after all, my widow to the wide world of the web. I've even become an extension/add-on junkie...such that I now run quite a few which I've now customised to my own preference. Here are a few of my favorites:
    (1) Tab Mix Plus (2) del.ici.ous (3) Download Statusbar (4) GMail Notifier (5) GMail Space (6) GTDMail* (7) PDF Download (8) IE Tab (9) Fasterfox (10) Google Reader Notifier
  • GTDMail: Andy Mitchell combined GTD theory -- thats' Getting Things Done --with GMail such that you rule your emails rather than the vice versa. Getting Things Done, commonly abbreviated as GTD, is an action management method, and the title of a book by David Allen. This exposed me to all things GTD and its a fun project to measure your own performance against such a system. Even if you don't go all the way with GTD GTDMail will systemitised your emailing sessions on GMail.
I have some more to say,in regard to podcasting and blogging, but that's your lot for now. More later.