After Respect, British Labour beckons

After the continuing failure of Respect to advance the regroupment envelope in England, a new debate has broken out over the perennial political question of what to do next?>>

This has coincided with a push for LP party leadership by John McDonnell through the the John4Leader campaign. Essentially this is another debate about, what many here refer to as 'Laborism', but this time within the political context of ol'lighty.

The developing exchange can be monitored at the following links:
I think this exchange is instructive in many ways that make it also relevant to accessing our own strengths and weaknesses here on the left.This discussion occurs not only in the wake the fading of the dynamic promised by Respect but the recent split in the Scottish Socialist Party.

It also follows the recent decision of Socialist Resistance, one of the key non SWP backers of Respect to re-assess its commitment to the project which is the godchild is the British Socialist Workers Party(sister to the ISO here). see video report here.

The irony is, I think, that here, the question of the Labor Party -- and labour parties -- is better understood and probably there is more broad consensus over the question than that currently exists in England at the present time despite the fact that Labour there is the party of the Iraq war.

The associated irony is that despite the fact that a left greens wing is consolidating (sort of anyway)in the English Green Party and a committed socialist is co-chair of the party, the British far left tends to delete the Greens from their political options.

Why? Check in with this debate and find out.