Another good environment resource :PESWiki

Another good environment resource -- this time in wiki format--PESWiki is a community-built resource that focuses on alternative, clean, practical, renewable energy solutions. As of Friday, February 23, 2007, there are 2382 articles on free and renewable energy that anyone can edit!

I have converted this page to a feed so you can access its updates (along with other resources) here(as part of my environment news aggregator):

Since I've just subscribed to PESWiki this way it will take a day for other posts to displace all the updating for the PESWiki site.So don;t get phased by all the PESWiki entries.

You should also check out the Gust Water Trap Apparatus here which was featured in Philip Adam's column recently
and is featured on the PESWiki site. Max Whisson's envirornmental perspectives are summed up rather succinctly this way:
It is Time to Move Beyond Our Ancient Dependence on Rain
It is Time to Stop Building Reservoirs and Degrading Rivers
It is Time to Restore the Land and Ecosystems
It is Time to Limit the Exploitation of Fossil Water.
It is Time to Use the Reservoir of Water of Astronomical Proportions which Surrounds Us.
It is Time to Use The Sea sustainably
It is Time to Rebuild the Concepts of Public Capital, Public Enterprise and Public Good, without which projects of this kind would seem to be impossible to organise.

The Apparatus grabs 'water' out of the air
Go for it Max! Ain't that the truth!