Baking of bread with ancient spelt wheat flour

I have been buying my bread at the local farmer's markets each Sunday morning but it's not cheap to get your loaves that way. And we run out by Tuesday. Of all the breads on offer there I have become much enamoured with bread baked from Spelt Flour.>>

Spelt Flour is an ancient strain of wheat that was grown more than 6000 years ago. It is high in protein, and low in gluten. It looks and tastes like wheat bread, but has a nuttier sweeter flavour. It is more nutritional than traditional wheat...and I love it.

So I've resurrected my bread baking skills and am now in quest of the perfect loaf. But spelt aint an easy baking DIY. You have to watch the water content and be careful to enliven the yeast and should not don't over knead.

I have archived my present preferred recipe here on the Cook Book Blog but I'm not using any improvers as I want to get lean and dirty with the ingredients. One of the coincidences of living in Northgate is that a there' s a bread baking outlet a few hundred metres from my front door so flour is easy to come by here, even archaic forms of it like spelt.

So I'll fiddle with the recipe as I go to get my own customized loaf together for time after time eating.