The Chaser:Deadly threat to America's dignity

THE comedians from the ABC's The Chaser team have been included on the official list of terrorists, anarchists and protesters deemed to pose a threat to US Vice-President Dick Cheney.Security officers, who were patrolling Sydney's Governor Macquarie Tower as Mr Cheney met with Prime Minister John Howard yesterday, held clipboards and mugshots of the television comedians, The [Sydney] Sunday Telegraph discovered.

They were clearly determined to protect Mr Cheney from the embarrassment that The Chaser protagonists are famous for dishing out.

The team are known for their practical jokes, crashing the Prime Minister's victory celebration at the Wentworth Hotel after he won the 2004 election.

"We have long been vying with al-Qaeda to get the number-one ranking on the security briefing," said Julian Morrow, executive producer and one of The Chaser team, when he learned of his security status.

"If we finally knock them off the perch, it is about time."