EcoSocialism or Barbarism: There is no third way

In this email post are two items:
  1. New blog: Climate and capitalism
  2. Quest for a method to archive climate and environmental resources and information

(1) New Blog: [Post by Ian Angus to GLW list]:

Readers of the GreenLeft discussion list may be interested in CLIMATE AND CAPITALISM, a new blog that aims to present Marxist perspectives on the climate change crisis, and to provide socialists with information and analysis they need to understand and respond to the crisis.

Our slogan is "EcoSocialism or Barbarism: There is no third way."

The blog, which is edited in Canada, features original articles and reprints from a wide range of sources (including GLW, of course).Readers can subscribe to receive email notices when updates are added. To learn more, please visit here.

(2)Resources Archive:

I was seeking a way to aggregate resources like this one above under one index so they could be easily accessed by members of the Australian Socialist Alliance, GLW readers, and the like. Originally I thought one approach would be to use tagging on a setup like But tagging either on , technorati and the like is pretty passive and you have to always sift through the links to get what you want. I find it cumbersome. So I think a wiki is the best way to proceed.

I've been exploring wikification of the left and in that journey have been spending a bit of time studying the use of wikis for education and the more gneral reach out. There is a large body of literature on wikis in education emanating from the US thats' very interesting in way of marking out a dynamic and potential. - I think an environment wiki harnessed for SA, GLW and for general environmental activism purposes (probably combined somehow with a tagging menu) would be a great way to proceed and very useful as we all try to stay on top of global warming, energy production and the like --sources of information.

We have this challenge, it seems to me, to create a bridge between contemporary ecological science, and the sort of economic analysis we stand for and which so often has to stand up against the capitalistic accommodation that marks so much of green thinking. In that regard I don;t think sending off emails with notes to the effect , "Read this! Check this out!" is enough 'sharing' for the task before us.

So if anyone wants to join me in this enterprise, please contact me at I have a few contacts in this regard internationally so we can plug in those inputs too so that we build a significant archive of useful material and links. Maybe we can merge this with a aggregation. Maybe we can also run an administration blog to go with it so that we have a sort of meeting place to swap notions -- I'm thinking primarily about a team effort, you see.--an international and national collaboration that harnesses the attention and research conducted by a collective of people.(On Wikispace blog posts can be incorporated into the platform)

I know thats' a bit general but if you want to get back to me, please do and together we can develop the concept. I guess my initial thinking is a wiki on Wikispaces.

and if anyone wants to know about wikis -- the why for and the how to, I have grabbed some handy background here : some discussion about them here which I am developing as a theme.

If folk think there is a better way other than a wiki-tagging-blog interface then please make that suggestion.I think even if we can keep up with Norm Dixon's penchant for web referencing interesting and important items to background GLW research, then I think the project is worthy.