Emergency appeal from Indonesia

Peter Boyle has sent this urgent appeal in for next issue of Green Left Weekly. It reports on the urgent situation following the Jakarta floods.>>
By Peter Boyle

Green Left Weekly has received a desperate appeal for emergency solidarity from PAPERNAS (the National Liberation Party of Unity) in Indonesia in the wake of severe floods in Jakarta and other heavily-populated surrounding areas.

Poor drainage system and lack of flood control facilities meant that many residential areas, including the urban poor shantytowns that often line the now overflowing storm drains, are totally inundated, forcing the evacuation of at least 400,000 people.

"Thousands of our members and thousands of the urban poor have been seeking our assistance", Katarina Pujiastuti told Green Left Weekly.

"Even the home of Dita Sari, our candidate for the 2009 presidential election, is flooded to the ceiling.

"PAPERNAS and its member mass organizations have opened our offices in Jakarta and Bekasi to organize assistance for the main evacuation sites.

"The Urban Poor Union (SRMK) that works daily in helping the urban poor get free health treatment hospitals have opened emergency tents in two evacuation sites in West Jakarta Barat, each sheltering about 3,000 people.

"But we urgently need help in obtaining emergency supplies of food, drinking water, vitamin, clothes, medicine, milk, blanket and sanitary napkins."

If you can send PAPERNAS an emergency contribution, please send it to the following account:

Account Number: 1000596325
Bank : Bank Commonwealth Indonesia
swiftcode: BICNIDJA
Account Holder: Yulia Evina Bhara

Or send it to the People's Power Fighting Fund (Commonwealth Bank of
Australia account number 2026 1006 0743) and we will transfer it.