Invasion Day

Audio:LeftCast #2, January 31st, 2007


A major victory has been won by the Aboriginal movement in Australia. The Queensland attorney-general’s department has decided that Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley will be charged with manslaughter over the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee. Mulrunji, an Aboriginal man, died in police custody on Palm Island in 2004.>>

Hurley's charge was announced by Andrew Boe, Palm Island council’s legal adviser, to the 700 people who had gathered at Brisbane’s annual Invasion Day rally on January 26.

The announcement changed the focus of the rally to a more conscious celebration of Aboriginal resistance.

Since many indigenous activists had come to Brisbane for the protest from communities across Queensland and New South Wales, Invasion Day 2007 presented an opportunity to discuss and plan ahead. This was a major theme taken up by the speakers both at the rally and during the militant march that followed.


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