LeftCast goes to LA

Ratbag Radio's news and commentary program -- LeftCast -- has been taken up on an ad hoc basis on community radio station KPFK in Los Angeles, California. KPFK is the local Pacifica affiliate at 90.7 FM .They will be running the most recent episode, on Invasion Day here in Brisbane. Pacifica generates the highly useful Democracy Now! and my fav, Free Speech Radio News. >>

Their live stream is at http://www.kpfk.org.

These shows are usually also taken up by NimFM here in Australia and sometimes by John Tognolini's Katoomba Surf Club on Blue Mountains FM.

If anyone knows any other progressive radio show in their locality on community radio please draw their attention to the audio that is available from LeftCast.

If you know of any other station airing LC , please let Ratbag Radio know as the network is seeking various ways to facilitate syndication of all the great greenly left vibes we're fostering as LC's main partnership is with Green Left Weekly.

Soon we hope to join an audio project focusing on Latin America. This will be a follow-up initiative to the year long VenSol (--Venezuela Solidarity) channel which drew on reports out of Caracas from GLW correspondents and others at Venezuela Analysis, especially Michael Fox.

RRN is always looking for input, reporters or useful audio, and is keen to encourage and assist activists to gain audio recording skills. Visit LeftCast for further information.