Let's Take Over ...and blog!

David Jackmanson runs a very useful political blog which he projects from within the urban clime of my town of Brisbane. Let's Take Over has in the past been hampered by just too much stuff so that loading it in your browser was a challenge. Now, I'm happy to say, David has corrected this over capacity issue and you can visit Let's Take Over without fear of angst. >>

Unfortunately David's is one of the few 'hard left' blogs I know of in this country as I tend to go off shore for a far left blogosphere which houses some interesting debates. My blog reading preferences are now housed in the little grey box in the sidebar and as he publishes , Let's Take Over will appear in that window, or you can review all my preferences by exploring my public Blogs web page which has my daily reading fare in some detail.

The irony is that I'm not much of a blog reader. And the double irony is that I use this blog for my own delectation rather than yours( please excuse!) as I too take my own polemics to other places. My main focus you see is the audio stuff. That's where I want to be at. And blogging is a sort of notation for me -- a diary of sorts.

But if you wanted a list of lefty blogs that are indigenous, here is a starter menu:
Go visit and subscribe. They're all worthy of your patronage.