Macawberize your thoughts with the Macawber Breast Pocket PDA

I blogged yesterday about my adventures with the Hipster PDA. The free association in that post led me to Wilkins Macawber -- a character in Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield whose relentless saying was: "Once heard make a note of."

Well today I launch, The Macawber. >>

The Breast Pocket Macawber PDA
[Click image to enlarge view]

Yes , The Macawber[TM] -- the Ultimate Personal Digital Assistant which isn't digital! So there's NO batteries and NO crashes. A device driven solely and effortlessly by pen or pencil and your imagination. The Macawber [TM]comes complete with the patronage of W. C.Fields Esquire, juggler, comic persona and actor (who first bought Mr Macawber to the big screen).

An image of Mr Fields dressed as Wilkins Macawber adorns its cover.

But still there's more....!

You will receive at no extra cost -- but only if you ring now -- the Wilkins Macawber Joey Pouch[TM] and sweat sleeve which will make your breast pocket as homely and as safe as a kangaroo's pouch.

So when out an about don't be slow on the uptake, don't let an 0pportunity to take note pass you buy, don't be be as lifeless as a dead dingo's donger -- Seize the day! Take note! Write it down! Macawberize your thoughts with
The Macawber[TM] PDA and the Wilkins Macawber Joey Pouch[TM].

[Pens not supplied.]