Mind Mapping -- On the blank page VS FreeMind

I have jawed about FreeMind before -- the opened sources free mind mapping software. Since reading Buzan's book I wondered if there was a better way to do this mapping stuff >>

And I guess my answer is yes. Freemind is fast. You can quickly layout all your ideas and their connections. But its computer interface is sterile primarily because it isn't easy to call on a lot of images. So I wondered about this and started to experiment with colouring tools I could employ in my hand on a blank page.

After experimenting with various biro options I bought some coloured pencils -- but not before I had mindmapped some issues on my Macawber Breast Pocket PDA .

When I added the coloured pencil bit these maps took off. It was like an art class except I was following the ideas on the page by association and drafting spontaneously The result is here: (click image for enlarged view).

My initial conclusion is that Freemind is handy to dredge up the "ideas" but to really go to town, paper and pencils and pen is the way to go. Organic is the word that springs to mind. With Freemind it's difficult to shepherd all the associations and relationships into being becuas ethe hierarchy is limiting. Tony Buzan certainly knows his stuff even if his hard sell reminds me of a banana oil salesman or the local Reiki healer You know, guru of the month -- so I take him with more than a grain of salt.
For instance, this makes me cringe big time -- real wanksville:
Spiritual intelligence is a pseudoscientific and popular psychological term coined by Tony Buzan. It is described in his book The Power of Spiritual intelligence as 'Awareness of the world and your place in it'.Spiritual intelligence is supposed to be one of the 7 intelligences described by Tony Buzan.
But where the theory works is in its dialectic and its massive transcendence of formal logic. Being literate, for those who are, comes at the price of losing the free form thinking that will be contained and restricted by the tyranny of the written word. It's the 'butterfly effect' (a self evident image for mind mapping that has been adopted by FreeMind.)

But since I am overwhelmed at the moment ( as I was yesterday too) by a terrible relapse (I spent yesterday in bed) it's nice to know that even if I am forced to stop and go and stop and go, I can also be dynamic and organic at the same time if I navigate my idleness via snazzy mind maps such as these. I should also find out how to make better photographs of items like this.
The joys as well as the hazards of computers are that they can be on hand anytime regardless of your present mental and physical capacity . And when I'm gah gah I know I can fiddle with my many blogs experimenting with hacks. This was my major achievement yesterday. I hacked some of my SA blog templates.

Can I create the most functional of political blogs? No. But it's fun trying.