Mp3 format versus minidiscs

I cannot understand why people allow the mp3 format to determine the fidelity they listen to. On top of that is the fragility of CDs. I spend the money for music and one mishandling , and the disc is scratched or dirty or lost ...or is separated from its case never to meet again.>>

And just how long does a mini disc supposed to last? Longer than I can live.

I came to the MD as a recording medium for voice, interviews and such and while there is a layer out there in broad - and pod - casting who want to embrace the new range of flash recorders like Edirol, it seem to me that the HiMD has so many bells and whistles that you have to be tech arrogant not to appreciate them.

Automatic gain, for instance, is an amazing attribute when you are recording live out and about.This enables you to record at constant volume without having to manually change the recording input levels.

After recording and listening on Mp3 format for some time I only bought my first HiMD late last year and the sound blew me over. Compared to my other recordings I was now being offered such a quality sound threshold that I had more editing options to play with and could interact with recording situations-- such as within the body of large marches and rallies -- that would clip the sound grabbed by the Mp3 devices I had been using .

I've not as yet got into moving my music collection to MD but I can see the advantages. The only price I pay is in the time it takes to download audio onto the disc. Thats' where a comparative inconvenience kicks in. -- but then I can fill any number of discs that way and be off on a holiday or journey away from a computer, whereas with mp3 I was limited to the single capacity of one device filled to 512mb or 1 gb.

So you have to come back to what I think is the obvious: there is so much crap written and said about MDs and that is indicative of some inbuilt rationales that people have been prone to: Bad experiences with SonicStage software . Well, not anymore. Rationalising multimedia users of the Mac who haven't been always able to access MD technology . People who think that the only recording experience worth considering is sitting down at your computer....

Unfortunately, as has been noted here before, Mp3 format will kill quality and rich sound. Our ears are being dumbed down and even though I listen primarily to voice you can get a feel for what the mp3 pathology is doing to peoples' ears. It's insidious, really when you think about it. No wonder LPs are coming back.

But part of the tragedy is that the tech culture is digital in a way that cannot now relate to the MD. A MD is a sandwich of layered attributes that need mechanical 'space'. Whereas the core digital culture presumes that you can write all your data you want to write on the head of a pin. --so small is supposed to be vogue-ish or beautiful.

I guess it's like painting in oils versus digitalised visuals; puppetry and amniotronics on film vs digital enhancement -- you pay a price in the shift because the new digital media are so sterile and lose so much nuance. But then, you see, it can be mass produced such that you now can have iTunes instead of double album covers.

And, in the case of music, the major labels are laughing, even if they have to put up with the massive capacity of digital media to be shared and copied and mashed up. (And SONY decides to protect us from the potential of the MD to do this! A relaunch of the MD as an optional format in the record store could change the way music is listened to overnight. But why would they? They are doing very nicely with CDs).