New Life of Riley blogging format

If perchance you are a regular visitor to this section of our planet you'll know that the norm is to offer extended posts if you click on this link:
Read more, watch, or listen >>
The problem was that the link "extended" the post to its own page whether there was more stuff or not. I have now solved that problem by incorporating a handy hack. So that now if you click on the link "Read more, watch, or listen.." below you will get an instant extension.(Go on, click on the link)

And hey presto!Here I am again in the same post waffling on about stuff and you were treated to a magical expansion of my blogging labours through an exciting click of the mouse.


[And what's more: you can click on the "Collapse..." link [BELOW] and go back to the original format. Go on do it now!

Ain't that soooo cool? You could play with the post like this for hours! Back and forth/back and forth....

This great hack comes to you care of the generosity and skills of Hans at Beautiful Beta. We luv ya hans!