Pipes on global warming

Bob Morris who blogs at Politics in the Zeroes (where I sometimes too guest blog) has created a Yahoo Pipes on global warming. Pipes are getting an almost universal thumbs up as a great way to aggregate feeds and deliver news content. And the best way to understand pipes is to visit and use one. So go visit Bob's pipe on global warming here. Click the subscribe link to incorporate this pipe's data into your news reader. Pipes are so versatile that you can subscribe to them by email. You can also change the pipe if you want and customize it for your own needs and sharing desires.Even start from scratch and do your own pipe by aggregating whatever you want. I reckon we could do with some core news pipes that are tweaked to suit our informational needs.>>

If I get a chance I'll try to create some pipes on core local environment issues like uranium mining and the like. In the meantime, I've become much taken with the immense potential for sharing information through ClipClip style "bookmarking' and 'tagging' such that I have started a Global Warming Group on that scapbooking site. If you see anything worth sharing in that context, clipclip it there.

Don't keep all the news to yourself: so a very Web 2.0 thing and share.