Scrap booking with ClipClip

I've been doing the usual web thing as is my want when I came upon just by chance ClipClip which promotes itself as a scrapbook so that " when you find something on the web, you can cut out only the most interesting part preserving the look and feel rather than bookmarking bunch of links." >>

And it is as it does it does . So rather than getting caught up in archiving links upon links you get more for your bookmarking and tagging outlay. PLUS alittle widget that sits on your browser so that anytime the fancy takes you it's one click ClipClip. I think this can be very useful way to generate references you can aggressively share.

Come back after I've had a fiddle.
Well I had a fiddle: and this is my clippings page so far. 'Tis so easy! This is sure to take off big time in the social bookmarking community. I'm trying to engineer a big political future for it so I have formed a group. So let's see where that leads...?