Slideshare, politics and bi-media

Slideshow: I'd played with Slideshare soon after it began on the web. After dropping by again, I am impressed with its potential. This baby settles into the blog window real easy like and each pic loads quickly with the clicking upon--done at your own pace. We've been considering how to create a PowerPoint presentation of the Mulrunji campaign ( with audio) and finding ways to distribute it. It's 'out of my area' as I know nothing about PP. But this web2.0 type stuff on offer with platforms such as Slideshare attracts me greatly. Take this slideshow for example: >>

That it doesn't offer audio upload like Slidestory is OK as that option wasn't very useful because it encouraged sterile commentary. But it would be possible to present the audio as an optional supplement below the images so that anyone listening to the audio as their primary input could also be offered a visual narrative as well. Not quite an in sync pairing but useful nonetheless.

I am reminded of my young years listening to the radio before heading off to primary school for the day. I think it was Hopalong Cassidy which was aired as a special treat as our usual fare was Hop Harrigan or Superman and the like. But with Cassidy the clincher was that you could buy a book and read along with the serial. You knew when to turn the page because a bell would sound in the program telling you to turn the page now. How's that for multi media!

My point is that with Slideshare and a podcast, say, on the one page, I'm talking Cassidy for the 21st century. You know, bi-media!