Unbuntu for you too...

Ubuntu may not be the African word on everyone's lips but now that the new Window's Vista is out maybe you are thinking that you face an IT existence being sentenced to an unending array of expensive, payments per view c/o Microsoft...or MacIntosh. I know I have and after it tweaked that not only Cuba but Venezuela is moving over to Linux (of which Ubuntu is a version) as well as a few other countries I started rethinking my computer experience at the coal face.
So I'm girding my loins ready to change over to the new way of doing the digital thing.
If you haven't heard take note:
You've probably heard some rumors about a new Ubuntu Windows installer for Windows-based systems. Well, it's true and you can install Ubuntu ... from Windows with the help of an .exe installer.
So without all the drive fiddling I can easily install and run Windows and Ubuntu on the one pc --until such time as I say bye bye Windows.I worked out that the only complication I would face by pursuing the Linux lifestyle would be that I could not use Sonic Stage the program I use to upload and convert audio from my minidisc recorder. Why? Because thats' made by Sony, thats' why and only this last year have they offered the program for Macs.

For more info on Ubuntu go here. You can also watch the slideshow.