Web 2.0 even for Luddites

You know how I go on, of course you do!, about Web 2.0 stuff. But some in my acquaintance are even downright hostile when I package it in a political context.Politics are supposed to be separate from nerdy Web 2.0 stuff. The real world and the web are supposed to be separate from each other because.. because.... Go figure. I guess such Luddites in the past denigrated writing the same way. But if I write an article or compose a polemic, that's apparently kosher. But to talk like a formalist and explore the means by which I communicate as a key component of the process, it's as though some one farted. Well here's a simply wonderful video by a US anthropologist on this Web 2.0 stuff which puts it's social and politcal context within the comprehension of even these opponents of things tech :>>