Welcome to LeftCast, -- your gateway to other news services.

Google Reader offers these nifty sharing attributes where you can selectively make public any of your feed folders. They can be accessed via a web page for each of them. >>

So if you wanted to know what blogs I read you can go here and start reading them in order of their most recent update.

It's all very fresh.

Google Reader also offers what is called, "a clip", which you can add to your site. What that means is that now on LeftCast you can also access the latest edition of my favourite alternative audio news services -- such as Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News or Background Briefing or.... whatever I add to the folder.

So rather than going to these sites to find out the latest on offer from Amy Goodman or Aura Bogado et al, your easiest cross platform way in will be via the LeftCast site.

So on LeftCast we can better offer you the sort of perspective that is absent from the mainstream media.

We'll keep tweaking this resource so you won't miss out on all this great audio.