What AM I doing with this Web 2.0 thing?

It struck me today that I am a victim of my own passions such that it isn't always a straightforward thing to articulate the rout I may be on.
This is my quest, to follow that star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far...
Bring up the music...>>

But it strikes me nonetheless that I have turned into a Web 2.0 junkie. This isn't anything to be lamented as I was similarly addicted to email in a previous life. This condition isn't terminal--fortunately. My problem nonetheless is that I have defaulted to a philosophical outlook in regard to the web that is organically formatted by the whole Web 2.0 thingy. I am a web 2.0 "futurist" if only in my own hobbyist and crude way.

But since I occupy a position on the far left of the political spectrum I guess I'm among a few who are working to adapt this extraordinary technology to all the core attributes of 'our' collective political existence. I do in fact think this stuff is very useful and may even be very important as it relates to such core issues as democracy, access and accountability.

But there is one handicap that is easy to forget about. Web 2.0 can only really exist as a factor in the lives of those who have fast and guaranteed web access. Thats' the drawback that limits its capacity to foster democracy, access and accountability. Unless we can all relate at the same technological coal face on equal terms we will be limited and potential will be constrained by an uneven playing field.


I guess it's back to the drawing board.