Wikis & the Socialist Left

Slideshow:Wikis are one of the hardest Web 2.0 platforms to relate to as they often offer some crude and confusing interfaces. But if you follow the menu hierarchies you can harness them to very good effect .Here's a thorough introduction to wikis:

This is a Slideshare presentation which I reckon is very Web 2.0'ish. I'm interested in wikis not only because they are a 'new frontier' but I think they can radically change the way we organise and collaborate on the left. The far left in this country -- me and my comrades that is! -- tends to be stuck in email mode. And for a project like the Socialist Alliance , chronic dependence on email has led to a certain routine-ism. I mean , who reads ALL their emails nowadays?

Although the existence of the web and email has made it possible to organize across the vast size of the Australian continent at minimal financial cost , Web 2.0 platforms can take organisation aggressively to a new level of participation and democracy. This may be a sort of virtual politics but it can involve more people working and interacting together on the same page.

While I'm at the wiki coal face the challenge still prevails of getting people to master blogging first-- because a wiki is a sibling to a blog, and if you can edit a blog you can wiki-fy too.