Will the REAL bright spark please stand up?

It's a bit rich when our own political Neanderthal, John Howard, is painted green. So whats' with the light globes? As Amanda Divine jokes:" The three amigos of climate change" are "bright sparks: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Malcolm Turnbull [who have] all championed the idea of banning incandescent light bulbs in favor of fluorescent ones" There must be more to the story, surely?.
Devine goes on to point out:
ITEM:According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, lighting accounts for just 5 per cent of household greenhouse-gas emissions, clothes washing and drying accounts for 2 per cent, cooking 3 per cent, fridge/freezer 9 per cent, home heating and cooling 11 per cent, electronic and other appliances 15 per cent, water heating 16 per cent and travel a whopping 34 per cent.

The AGO points out that each household could save more than two tonnes of greenhouse gas by buying a new efficient fridge, 1.5 tonnes by using gas to heat hot water. Using cold water to wash clothes saves almost half a tonne a year. But every litre of petrol saved cuts greenhouse-gas emissions by 2.8 kilograms.

So what kind of hypocrisy is there in a government that bans incandescent light bulbs while subsidising people who drive fuel-guzzling, greenhouse gas-emitting, giant four-wheel-drives?