The ALP expels its own.

This spate of major dramas in the ALP -- in the seat of Newcastle -- and then the threats over the attempt to impose Greg Combet on Kelly Hoare's seat of Charlton is all very interesting as we approach next month's federal ALP conference.

But this expulsion in Tasmania of Terry Martin takes the cake.

Back in the eighties when George Georges said he would oppose the Australia Card -- then a project of the Hawke ALP government --they threatened to expel him and in effect forced him to resign. Now a certain starker realpolitick is asserting itself in the party -- one that has no allusions as to even the pretense of democratic process. So theres' a crasser and blunter autocracy in play here that has transcended factional alignment and become totally consensual.

Look at Peter Garrett --see the man swing with the mode in play as "toeing the line" is all that matters. Doublethink. And the ALP do it so much better at it than the Coalition.