The ALP limps home in NSW

Michael Berrell:The ALP has limped home in the NSW State Election with it's pre Election majority largely intact in spite of a 3% swing against it on a two party preferred basis. Labor's primary vote at close of counting was under 40% and barely a percent above the 38.5% it polled at the 1988 debacle...A number of seats were saved for Labor by Green preferences. Labor will be heavily dependent on them at the next election.
But the vote for The Greens -- for the Upper House -- just over 8% but 33% primary votes in Marrickville -- seems not be extra ordinarily significant given the dire state of the ALP in NSW. The Democrats seem to have held on as in each seat they stood they grabbed votes, even if these are in the lower percentiles. So they aren't dead ...yet.

The Socialist Alliance state wide still has a very long way to go before registering an electoral presence -- 9,959votes/0.38% as of close of counti9ng tonight.