Behind the news from East Timor

Nimbin Radio's Warwick Fry has been trying to get these interviews for some time.. Here they are:Sahe da Silva and Mari Alkatiri.

Timor Leste Pt. 1. Sahe da Silva - Behind the news about East Timor
East Timor - the real story
Sahe da Silva is the official spokesperson for Timor Leste's governing Fretilin Party in NSW Australia. He was motivated to work with Fretilin after the misrepresentation of that party and its top officials in the Australian Press, after the riots and forced resignation of the Prime Minister in the middle of last year. Community Radio station 2NimFM caught him on the phone just before he left for East Timor, and only a few hours after the news of the trial and sentencing of Rogerio Lobato broke. Sahe deals with some of the myths and misconceptions about East Timor in the Australian media.

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Timor Leste Pt. 2. Alkatiri speaks with 2NimFM from Dilinimbinradiomedia's Podcast
Alkatiri speaks out. March 10 2007
Mari Alkatiri, General Secretary to East Timor's governing Fretilin Party, and former Prime Minister, grants an exclusive interview to community radio station 2NimFM. Mari Alkatiri says he is pursuing legal action against the Australian ABC Four Corners program for the defamatory story that he was 'arming death squads', and which led to pressures which forced his resignation as Prime minister last year. He will also be providing evidence of two attempted coups against him, and foreign involvement in these attempts. He talks about his confidence in the Fretilin party's ability to win the upcoming elections, his willingness to stand for Prime Minister, if requested, and the success of his administration in securing the best possible outcome for East Timor to exploit its oil resources, and how the East Timorese economy is about to take off.

(Unfortunately there were some problems with setting the correct sound levels for recording an international phone call, so the sound quality leaves something to be desired. The interview can be heard well enough to be transcribed, however).