Calling all would be cartoonists!

Heres' your chance to become a political cartoonist without knowing how to draw a wiggly chin.

is a way to get creative with comics. You can now create your own
comic strips, share them or insert them in your blogs & web pages with just a few clicks and easy drag-n-drops!The free platform is a lot of fun to use and I bashed together a toon myself in 20 minutes.

It's my first attempt so excuse its artistic failings.

I'm keen to foster a wad of cartoons on a theme so I'm asking for people to have a go at being satirical and savage on the topic of John Howard and let me know the results so I can display them more broadly in cyberspace as part of an anti-Howard exercise in the lead up to the federal election this year.

You can be Leunig, Nicholson, Petty,Chris Kelly....

ToonDoo is fun and easy so here'syour chance to let out all that pent up anger after 10 long years of JH ruling the roost.