Co2 emissions -- what are our options?

Given that the window we have to address C02 emissions is so short -- before 2020 or 2030 -- to drastically cut emissions depending on your preferred option -- how is it possible to bring in the change required by relying on a parliamentary, vote driven, strategy?

I mean there are only so many opportunities available -- like once every three years --to bring in change by that route --say by voting in Greens candidates.

And then we have to consider that we are beginning at such a very low level of alarm and confronted by an ideology which is determined to foster the free market as its core dynamic...and will entertain no other economic model.

You only need to listen to Peter Garrett on coal to get the drift of that:
TONY JONES: Here's the straightforward question, should the coal industry be allowed to expand without impediment whether or not clean coal technology is available to it?

PETER GARRETT: Well, what should happen is that we should work as quickly as we can to get clean coal technologies in place and we've set an ambition for that, which is to have significant reductions going into the national grid by 2020 and to have zero near emission technologies into the grid by 2030.
Excuse me if I panic.