Democracy for sale

ITEM:AMP Capital, the owner of nine shopping centres around NSW including Marrickville Metro and Warringah Mall, charges big political parties $200 a pop to run election stalls on Saturdays....

"Our centres are open to the Liberals, Labor, the Nationals and the Democrats and the Greens. But whether they are selling votes or anything else, we regard the leasing of space to people to display a product as a simple commercial transaction" said a company spokeswoman, Tanny Tsanis. But the company does not allow independent candidates to shop for votes in its centres.
The Greens spokesman Derek Maitland said he had dropped plans to campaign in Marrickville Metro when he learned independents were banned. "Talk about undemocratic," he said.
But profitable. Other shopping centre owners do much the same but stay quiet about it. Theoretically AMP could take more than $40,000 nationally each Saturday during a federal election campaign.