Environmentlly aware blogging and podcasting from a determined left perspective.

Climate & Capitalism is the most inspiring blog debut I've come across. Ian Angus has galvanized an important niche which he has filled with a lot of key referencing drawn from across the web. He has even referenced some of the stuff I log on LOR as well as some of Bob Morris' eclectic grabs on environment issues he posts to Politics in the Zeroes (where I occasionally add a word).
He also references Jim Jepp's The Daily (maybe). Jim is a member of the Socialist Unity Network and often blogs on topics related to the left wing of the English Green Party.

I hope to keep up the good work in way of snaffling news items and polemics that are environmental in focus --especially if they are multi media. And I think between us -- Bob, Ian and myself -- maybe we can cover some of the key issues as we -- you included? --hunt around for other bloggers with the same concerns -- eco-socialism as it is sometimes called.

In this regard I suggest you catch up with the following:For my part I'm keen to up the media component of all this pulling of material together.

Here's media drawn from a list at Tiempo Climate Newswatch [These programs I am familiar with and recommend):
  • Earthwatch Radio:Earthwatch Radio is produced by staff and students at the Sea Grant Institute and the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It gives special attention to global climate change, the Great Lakes and the oceans.
  • Ecoshock News:Environment news podcast from Radio Ecoshock.
I'll review the other ones on their list and get back with an opinion. Of these two, Ecoshock News is the more radical.

So in regard to environmentlly aware blogging and podcasting from a determined left perspective that's my two bob's worth. Any further suggestions?