General Musharaf, your time is up

Labour Party Pakistan demonstrated in Lahore, Karachi, Mirpur Khas, Moro, Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh, Multan, Badin and other cities of Pakistan against the military regime of General Musharaf. The Lahore rally was stopped by the police at one point before it reached the Lahore High Court. But the activists pushed the police to move forward and were able to join the main rally of Alliance For Restoration of Democracy (ARD). There was a large contingent of police with the rally. They wanted the rally to end and had blocked the road.

The participants at Lahore raised slogans against the regime and spoke of the loot of plunder of the military regime via privatisations. They were holding a banner that said "General Musharaf, Your time is Up" The rally started from Lakhshmi Chouck with all red flags rasing skyn high slogans against the regime. They were demanding the withdrawl of the reference against the regime.

Over 300 participated at Lahore. When the rally reached at the Lahore High Court, they were greeted by the Lahore High Court Bar Association leaders and activists of ARD. They were singing revolutionary songs. Many activists could not reach in time beacuse of the blokade of roads all around the area of demonstration.

Speaking on the occasion, Nisar Shah, chairperson and Farooq Tariq general secretary LPP vowed to continue struggle with the advocates for democracy and justice. They said that LPP will have another go against the regime on 3rd of April all over Pakistan.

Police in Lahore tried to stop the rally by threatening the leaders of LPP before the rally but the LPP decided to goahead in any case.

At Karachi, over 300 participated in the rally where they marched over three kilometers from Empress Market to Karachi Prerss Club building. They had over 200 red flags along many banners. The majority of the rally were women who were in the forefront.

At Mir Pur Khas and Moro over 200 activists marched the main centers of the city to join the main raalies of ARD. In other cities LPP activists joined the main rallies of ARD.

Thousands of ARD activists demonstrated all over the country against the militry regime of General Musharf. They were demanding an immidiate withdrawl of thereference against the chief justice.

Today was a victory day for all those who were able to demonstrate against the regime. The regime is been forced to let the political demonstration go ahead as planned and was not in a position to stop it as was the case in the past.