Getting out of Iraq -Step ONE

I've been monitoring the anti war sentiment in the US and a new development that could be paralleled here concerns state legislatures. So far two US state legislatures have passed resolutions against the war in Iraq calling on US troops to be withdrawn, no surge, etc.

Here, we are much better off, you see. In every 'state legislature' here there are ALP majorities and the ALP, as we well know, opposes the invasion in Iraq.[Of course it does! Doesn't it?) In some states there are also sitting Greens. So "what if" we drafted a generic motion to go before these parliaments demanding that Australia withdraw its troops from Iraq & Afghanistan?

It would isolate John Howard even further -- judging on this week's polls --and even quicken the ALP's run for government. And wouldn't that also make for an ideal project for the ALP left? (If there is one?)

Of course it is non binding -- but since these state governments are all so Gun Ho about the terrorism threat, isn't this a better way to protect its citizens that threatening to lock them up?