Global warming extremists will never be satisfied

Here's a editorial from The Australian today which puts the main capitalist ideological line on Climate Change rather....bluntly. It also confirms that coal is the key issue at present in this climate debate and that we have to up the anti against "green" coal.

Editorial: Sunshine on climate

It would therefore be reasonable to assume that yesterday's announcement of a $100 million federal government contribution to improving the environmental profile of burning brown coal would be cause for celebration by those who campaign hardest to stop global warming. Think again. Greens leader Bob Brown says the Government should fund only renewable energies such as wind and solar... That climate change politics represents the new front line for anti-capitalist, anti-globalisation campaigners is not new. This is why the Government is right to reject climate change demands that risk economic wellbeing, both for Australia and the developing world. ... A recent Channel Four documentary in Britain, The Great Climate Change Swindle, presents a coherent argument for why governments must hasten slowly in responding....
[And yak yak yak...Broken record stuff.]