The greening of the Ratbag network

Given the urgency of the environment response, my requirement in regard to capturing a considered viewpoint on matters green has encouraged me to set up another hobbyist blog.

GreenLeft:LeftGreen is inspired by Ian Angus' Climate and Capitalism blog which I think is an excellent resource.

I'm keen to foster an aggregation in regard to Australian issues from a greenly left perspective. So it will likely become an eclectic mix of postings and referencing.I hope to get some others to team blog with me as there is no focus on the web here in Aust for this sort of project aside from Green Left Weekly itself.

The political objective is, I hope, evident from the name -- as I'm trying to sponsor a meeting of outlooks from... from the left(aka "red") and from the green. At the moment the main task is to get environmentally savvy. So you gotta basically tool yourself up in biology and physics and chemistry for the sort of ecological comprehension you need to get you head around the problems.

And the way I see it, you gotta start some where.

And you know me-- if I can't blog about it, it doesn't exist!