The Greens assessment of their NSW election results

Dear Greens members and supporters,

We want to thank everybody for being part of the biggest ever and most successful Greens NSW state election campaign.

Our win in the Upper House and the increase in our vote across the state is thanks to all Greens Lower House candidates, their campaign teams, all the thousands of members and supporters who worked on polling day and you.

While we did not break through into the Lower House and some local campaigns were expecting bigger swings, Greens everywhere can be proud of a massively successful campaign:

* both Lee Rhiannon and John Kaye have been elected to the NSW Legislative Council to join Ian Cohen and Sylvia Hale,

* we increased the vote by between 0.5% and 1% to take us to our highest ever vote in both houses.

* our Upper House vote is likely to rise to 9% when below the line votes are counted and we will achieved a record two quotas

* the state-wide Lower House vote of 8.8% is expected to rise to about 9% after the absentee votes are counted.

* We polled over 30% in Marrickville and Balmain, over 20% in another three (Coogee, Ballina and Peter Debnam's seat of Vaucluse), and over 15% in another 10. Greens outpolled the Labor candidate in Vaucluse, Pittwater, Manly and North Shore and in at least 4 seats we are running second, including in Peter Debnam’s seat of Vaucluse!

Check out in coming days for regular updates of our results.

These results are not just a victory for the Greens but for all those who want genuine action on climate change. We put the future of the coal industry centre stage in this election. The Greens campaigns across NSW have raised the profile on all our policies.

We have built an excellent base for the Greens federal election campaign, coming on top of last year's breakthrough with the first Greens MPs taking their seats in the South Australian and the Victorian Upper Houses.

Our four Greens MPs Ian Cohen, Sylvia Hale, Lee Rhiannon and John Kaye will be part of the balance of power in the Upper House. The Christian Democrats have two MPs, as do the Shooters Party. The Democrats are still in with a chance of taking the last spot.

It was a great honour and pleasure to campaign with you for the 2007 state election. We look forward to catching up on the campaign trail for the federal election and in all our campaigning work for the issues we feel passionate about.

Best wishes

Lee Rhiannon, John Kaye and the Greens NSW campaign team