Have pity! The ALP is in a rut.

The lead into an article published n the ALP based Labor Tribune puts the challenge facing socialists in the ALP this way:"Socialists must take an active approach if it wants to push the NSW ALP out of its rut, writes Marcus Strom."

So I have to wonder,what are the key symptoms of this "rut" to which Comrade Marcus Strom refers? I'm not skilled in rutology but if the NSW Labor Party is indeed in a "rut" on the eve of being once again elected to government, I have to wonder what this "rut" is supposed to consist of?

Isn't this the way the world should be-- with the ALP in government in all states and with the likely prospect that it will soon win federally?

Don't we soon face another golden age of Australian Labor triumphant over the Tories?

If NSW Labor must face the daunting prospect of yet another three years of being in the "rut" of governance, I'm sure each state ALP branch is suffering from the same handicap -- and Victorian Labor and Queensland Labor et al would also be suffering from the same or similar degree of "rutness".

Poor possums....

So I gotta wonder what socialists in the Labor Party must do to "push" their respective state branches out of this "rut" Labor Tribune has so carefully diagnosed.

Its' a fair question, is it not?

Surely there's more to it besides quizzing candidates and working to preference the Greens?(as Strom advices) .. and, of course, denigrating the Socialist Alliance? (That too is de rigueur for Labor Tribune.)