I wanna get burnt

I had been searching around for another health recovery project. The frequent pain & stiffness I've been suffering from over this summer of such unstable weather here in Brisbane has to well nye exhausted me and I'd appreciate the prospect of a magic bullet or two. And just when I thought nothing was in the offing, along comes Senor Chilli (pictured left).

New research on the pain killing attributes of chilles has recently been joined by a study in Tasmania which suggests that chilli intake can improve the quality of restorative sleep.

Both elements interest me immensely(given my own condition and its symptoms), so I've been researching the topic of chilles and am planning to aggressively and consciously partake of the fruit's healing attributes.

Increasing the amount of capsaicin -- the active chemical compound in chilles -- in my diet will be easy as I sweat my way up to a new pain threshold maybe with the intention of taking in at least one Jalapeno a day.

Chillies also have hunger suppression qualities that suggest that the merging of chilles and food means you are likely to eat less, while enjoying it more. In fact, chilles are now an excuse to diet.

So what you have here is a experimental test subject -- me! -- keen to explore the thesis that chilles -- in the compound active form of Capsaicin -- can impact on one's health to one's advantage.

So I get to really go to town with my reserve of salsa recipes....