Introducing the SA Digital Media Group

Socialist Alliance Digital Media Group (SADMG) is an attempt to bring together media activists who are also members of the Socialist Alliance or who work in partnership with the SA. Whether it be web based media, in community radio or television, or in CD recording or photography -- SADMG is an attempt to draw media activists together to swap ideas, share projects and help each other out with technological information, editing or publishing backup. SADMG will also function as a forum for activists to showcase and discuss their work and talk about their activities.

So if its tech tips, or any other form of how to , maybe this forum can help you while driving our political agenda forward. And maybe too we can foster an archive of online resources that can facilitate our reach out work and networking.Please make liberal use of the post comments option and if you a sign in please introduce yourself and feel free to share with the group your media works by linking to them or publishing them here . SADMG will function like a egroup but will offer the added advantages of being able to archive material and index it as well as to better format any discussion thread.

And if you have a problem as to how to do something, please ask the forum.

We are also keen to do an inventory of what SA members are doing in way of this sort of stuff. So if you , or you know SA members who are broadcasting, filming or creating CDs -- please let us know the details of their activity.

How to interact with this site:

* apply to SADMG to become a group member so that you can publish on this site your thoughts, deliberations and productions.
* subscribe to all SADMG posts via email or with a feedreader.
* make comments to any post.

Accessing media on site:

* listen now on site by employing one of our flash audio or video players
* listen later by downloading the media to your desktop
* subscribe to SA media as a podcast by importing the RSS url into your podcatcher
* subscribe to SA media though any news aggregator--(eg: Google Reader) and accessing the media or posts that way as a click able file download. Google Reader will also carry most forms of web media you subscribe to.

If you have questions or suggestions about SADMG or would like to contribute in some way please contact SADMG by email.

YouTubing for Socialism

This is a project engineered to bring together not only video relevant to the Alliance's objectives but to encourage members and supporters to shoot video at events -- rallies, marches, meetings, etc -- around the country. essentially we are creating the Socialist Alliance's own video channel.

Fancy yourself a barefoot video journalist-activist?

If you have a digital camera that can make short videos about Socialist Alliance in action you can upload these videos on and then send the link to Socialist Alliance to be included on our website. Don't leave all the space to Hollywood and the TV companies.

The revolution will be televised - but don't count on them to do it!!
Visit YouTubing for Socialism HERE